Our Services

Consultation, Planning and Personal Service for Individuals and Groups  
   -  Cruises
   -  Escorted and Independent Tour Packages
   -  Customized Itineraries
   -  Other individualized elements such as private car and driver, guides
       and more.

Getting away from the norm is always possible with unusual destinations, accommodations and new experiences.

  1. Spa and Golf Vacations
  2. Dude Ranches
  3. Adventure/Eco Travel

Mark Significant Life Events and Special Interests

  1.  Weddings and Honeymoons
  2.  Vow Renewals
  3. “Baby-moons” Themed Activities (Music, Reunions, Religious)
  4. Run-Away-From-the-World "Get-Aways"

Alaskan Glacier

Where there is a dream almost anything is possible. Make your sojourn a real experience with lasting memories, not just a destination with a ticket stub.


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